Most women have a hard time when they go shopping for swimsuits because they are not aware which swimsuits go well with their body types. To help you find out which bikinis would show off your body best while concealing those parts you do not want to expose, here is a guide for you describing the different body shapes and the best swimsuit that would go well with such bodies.

How we describe the different body shapes.

“I have a flat chest”

If you feel that your chest is flat, get a swimsuit with thick padding and watch how this expresses your chest, or go for one with embellishments and ruffles at the top. You will get a fuller top with this design.

“I have large boobs”

Do not wear bikinis with strings or regular-sized tops. Find a swimsuit which has underwire support with thick straps and a double-stitched band. Most plus size bikinis have this type of design.

“I have wide shoulders”

Those shoulders may give you a boxy shape. To balance it, wear a top with a solid color with large prints on its sides. To encourage other parts of your body to get more attention rather than the shoulders, try on a top with asymmetric neckline.

“I have a big butt”

Try ruching and frill. You will have a backline that looks fuller. Get brightly colored bottoms with loud prints which display a little cheek.

“I have an athletes body”

With this body shape, you will want to show curves. Do not wear bandeaus one-piece shapeless suits or boy-cut bottoms. Go for those swimsuits that bring you a more girlish look. Wear a top with paddings and cups. Also, choose the one with prints and bright colors.

“I have too much belly fat”

Get high waisted bottoms that go over your belly button. Try a plus size bikini that shows off your upper body.

“My torso is short”

You want your midsection to appear longer, so try the low-rise bottoms. Bring the focus upwards by having halter tops.

I don’t like my back fat

Avoid thick straps which will dig on your skin. Instead, consider thick strapped tops. A plus size bikini can hide the lumps.

“I have short legs”

You will want to make your legs appear longer, wearing high cut bottoms will help you to achieve this. You can include thongs to show the most skin.

“I have tree-trunked thighs”

Wear a bikini skirt, which will conceal you entirely. You can also wear bottoms with full coverage.

“My tummy is bulging”

Most women dread a bulging tummy. Peplums or tops with flared ruffles on the waist are appropriate to cover that area. You can also put on a full piece, but make sure that it has ruching to conceal that tummy. You can drive away focus on the midsection by wearing a plus size bikini with necklines that are plunging.

“I have large hips but skinny legs

To draw away attention from such areas, highlight the torso above. Off-shoulder tops will draw attention away from your shoulders.

My pregnant stomach is huge

Tankinis are perfect in this case. They provide a lot of freedom of movement, and the middle is not that tight. It also makes going to the bathroom easy since it’s a two-piece.

“I have too much cellulite”

This may be a source of embarrassment to most women but is it is not a reason not to wear a swimsuit. Wear tankinis with hemlines which are longer or go for a swim dress.

“I have scars on my body”

There are a lot of designs that are both unique and well made to conceal those scars. A one-piece with mesh inserts is a great option. You can show some skin without displaying what you want to hide.

“My skin burns easily

Get a rashguard. You will get a full skin coverage with excellent design variety to give you that sexy cool look. Don’t forget to carry sunblock.


Finding a bikini is a challenge when you don’t understand the shape and size of your body, or you are unsure of what you want. This guide has explored most of what any woman would look for in a bikini when going bikini shopping.

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