Why AnlystPrep Is Your Best Shot At Passing CFA Exams


If you are going to pass your CFA Level 1 exam, then there is no doubt that having the best learning material at your disposal is top priority. Many people have come to understand that efforts if helped with the right content can actually help pass this exam with ease. This is not to say that there are shortcuts to success in this field. As with many exams, you will need to study the right content and put in extra work. At AnalystPrep, we give you the most suitable platform for perfect CFA exam studying. It is with great understanding of how hectic and frustrating it can be to grasp figures and details in this finance field.

You should first understand that the CFA Level 1 exam is designed to test a student’s ability to work in the investment field of finance. For anyone who wishes to make most of an investment career, then passing this exam should be your first priority. CFA is globally recognized by most financial institutions making it viable for any person who wants to succeed in any part of the world eligible. You should additionally know that any graduate who has studied, commerce, economics or any other financial course can take this test to further their investment career. However, it is not also secret that there is a good number of people who fail this test. This is why we come in to give you quality packaged content to make learning complicated topics easier for this exam. Here is why many students have enjoyed success due to our help.


Amazing collection of study notes

Our team of finance and investment professors have designed unique notes for different type of students worldwide. We understand that there are all type of students with unique learning capacities. This is why we offer you a wide range of summarized notes with other sections providing deeper explanations and illustrations. For someone that has a very short period to grasp essential aspects of the exam, then summarized notes will be viable. However, it should be remembered that the main of this test is to check if you have what it takes to succeed in the investment field. We thus provide you with all the necessary notes that will guarantee success if studied well.

A perfectly updated question bank and mock exams

We all know why it is valuable to familiarize with questions on any topic before sitting for a test. You are advised to always test your understanding of the topic after every session. This gives you the needed confidence to face even more tricky questions that may be contained in your CFA level 1 exam. We thus ensure that you have enough practice questions that will help master even the trickiest of problems in investment. Our comprehensive question bank takes care of all LOS areas insulating you of any surprises during the exam day. The best way to approach this is by printing our mock exams and timing yourself to self-evaluate. We have a large question bank of over 3500 questions that is updated frequently to incorporate latest testing trends in the sector.

Our performance stats

A great feature of our learning platform is the performance stats section. We have a built-in software to help analyze evaluate and track your performances as per the desired results. Our excellent tools will enable not only track, but also assess your weakness with an aim of utilizing alternative study approaches that will make it easier to pass the exam. Whether it is time management or low scores, you will get access state of the art technology that will help achieve your desired end. Ideally, the software provides you score per chapter, weakest points, a chart showing time management and the day to day progress.

Incredibly affordable packages

Finally, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best packages at affordable costs. First of all, we give you a free CFA Level 1 package that allows access to over 150 questions, video lessons, performance stats and other free weekly content. However, you can fully enjoy our services by going for the premium package that is priced at $99 with no time limit until you pass your CFA exam. This gives you access to all of our features including mock exams and over 3500 questions. With AnalystPrep, you can be sure of passing the next CFA level 1 exam and pursue your investment career.

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