Aston Merrygold girlfriend pregnant: Sarah Richards expecting JLS star’s first baby and the cute couple can’t help but share special moments on Instagram



Aston Merrygold baby: Sarah Richards pregnant with couple’s first baby [Aston Merrygold/Instagram]

Aston Merrygold – who is part of the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 lineup – recently revealed his girlfriend, Sarah Richards, is pregnant.

The JLS star took to Instagram to share the baby news with his 198k followers with an adorable set of images.

The Strictly contestant also recently shared a baby update on his Instagram or girlfriend Sarah at 24 weeks pregnant.

Sharing a sweet picture of the baby bump, the boyband member wrote: “Not just monday motivation for me, but a new daily motivation in life! These 2. just 16weeks left (around and about) little one till we get to meet you! FAILURE ISN’T AN OPTION when it comes to providing for you both! Daddy has FULLY got you!!!!”

Aston Merrygold reveals girlfriend is 24 weeks pregnantAston Merrygold reveals his girlfriend is 24 weeks pregnant [Aston Merrygold/Instagram]

But who is Sarah Richards, when is her due date and is she expecting a baby boy or girl?

Here’s all the baby details from bump to birth…


Sarah Richards pregnancy announcement

Aston Merrygold posted three images on Instagram and wrote: “On May 29th 2017 we found out that our lives were going to change forever.

Aston Merrygold and Janette Manrara perform for the judges on Strictly Come DancingAston Merrygold is currently competing on Strictly Come Dancing [BBC]

“This secret has been so hard to keep, but I’m so excited to finally be able to share the news with everybody that me and my beautiful lady @sarahlourichards are going to be parents!!!!!!

“I’m NEVER speechless but words can’t describe how I feel.. All I know is there’s no feeling like it! Sar I promise to be the best daddy ever to our baby boy/girl. You are an amazing woman and going to be the greatest mum to our child!

“Thank you for continuously making me the happiest man ever! I love you. Hurry up bump we can’t wait to meet you.”

Aston Merrygold baby: Sarah Richards is five months pregnant in pregnancy announcement in September 2017Aston Merrygold baby: Sarah Richards is five months pregnant in pregnancy announcement in September 2017 [Aston Merrygold/Instagram]

When is Aston Merrygold and Sarah Richards’ baby due?

Aston revealed January 2018 is when his baby is due, and the month can’t come quick enough.

The due date revelation meant the couple were five months along when they went public with their pregnancy in September 2017.

A chalkboard in the background also read: “Could be pink, could be blue, all we know is that we’re due. January 2018.”

Aston Merrygold baby: Sarah Richards and JLS star are due next yearAston Merrygold baby: Sarah Richards and JLS star are due next year [Aston Merrygold/Instagram]

Is it a boy or a girl?

Aston revealed the couple won’t be finding out the sex of their baby.

In the pregnancy announcement he used both pink and blue balloons.

He also used the hashtag: “We aint finding out if it’s a boy or girl.”

The JLS star will be competing in Strictly through the final months of her pregnancy [Aston Merrygold/Instagram]

Who is Sarah Richards?

Aston has been dating Sarah for five years, the couple met when she was a backing dancer for JLS in 2012.

Sarah is still a dancer and is also a dancing teacher, she recently choreographed Code3official for Britain’s Got Talent.

No doubt she’ll be helping Aston with his Strictly Come Dancing moves.

Aston Merrygold holds baby bumpAston Merrygold shared the precious moment when the pregnancy was a secret between them two [Aston Merrygold/Instagram]

Special pregnancy moments

Aston can’t help but gush over his girlfriend’s pregnancy as not only have they reached the special kicking milestone, the Strictly star has also shared a precious moment.

Holding his girlfriend’s tummy on Instagram, he wrote: “Me, Mummy and bump when nobody knew.”