Capturing Memorable Photos On Fathers Day


Moments we spend with our beloved fathers are something we cannot put a price on, be it laughing over funny fathers day memes or having an emotional conversation. Every single moment we spend with our fathers hold so much value, you may not realize it now when you can randomly crack up at funny fathers day memes, but sooner all later we all will come to know.

This fathers day instead of laughing over funny fathers day memes like many do, here’s how you can make it worth remembering.

Keep a camera nearby

This is very important; if you have a camera with you at all times capturing beautiful moments with your father won’t be hassle. You will seriously regret not taking enough pictures once you miss the opportunities.

Candid’s or posing?

It easy to capture wonderful pictures that everyone posed for if the children are old enough but what about the little ones? Have you tried taking pictures of toddlers? It easier said than done. As toddlers have a shorter attention span it’s harder to get them to focus and stand still, so it’s best to capture them when they are lost in their own worlds. Capture valueless candid’s when the kids are busy playing with their dads.

Be expressive

Be as expressive as you can with your emotions, be it an impression of dad or grandpa. Showing emotion is the key to a good picture.

Make sure you have good lighting

Lighting could make or break a photo, if you have a professional camera you probably don’t have to worry as much, but people with normal camera should try to catch the natural light.

Pointers for your point-and-shoot

If you know what you’re doing and can play with manual settings, you’re ahead of the game. Your camera is your friend and it knows you may or may not know how to do that. Stick with the preset modes right on your camera, whether it be Auto or Sports mode (the little running guy icon). Opt to use auto-focus so that’s one less thing you have to concentrate on. If your camera has continuous mode, select that so you can take several shots at once. I don’t really recommend taking these special Fathers Day photos with a cell phone because you have more control of your photo with a point-and-shoot. Especially if a phone call happens to come in and then there goes the moment. Keep an extra memory card on hand since you might get trigger happy and end up using what little space was left on the first card. Last but not least, use the highest photo quality your camera allows.

Lastly, you can make funny fathers day memes with it, laughing is contagious and good for health.

Photo books, cell phone cases, playing cards, mugs … you name it!

Thanks to photo gift websites, there is a huge selection of presents for Dad that can be made with the photos you take. It’s really impressive what’s out there nowadays. If you order in time, most of these sites offer discount or promo codes. So get to it! If budgets don’t allow for extra spending, get down with your crafty side and make a personalized gift yourself. If all you have is a computer and printer at home, make a cute short story picture book. Priceless! Grab some ideas from Pinterest if need be.

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