DRVR selects Tata to maximise app effectiveness


Leveraging Tata Communications’ “Move” mobility solution, DRVR said it can convert information collected from vehicles across Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia into actionable insights to help drive efficiencies and improve cost savings through smarter fleet management.

David Henderson, co-founder and CEO of DRVR, said, “Our partnership with Tata Communications enables us to overcome two major challenges in our quest to create smarter fleets across our entire geographical footprint. First, rather than negotiate multiple contracts with individual service providers, our entire international IoT network is managed through Tata Communications. As a result, we get valuable visibility of data collected across borders so that we can realise the benefits of smarter fleet management.

“Second, it allows us a holistic view on a singular dashboard allowing us to respond with improved accuracy and eliminating downtime almost entirely.”

Tata Communications’ Move service will be rolled out to DRVR customers through its smart fleet management applications.