8 Most Popular Styles of Winter Hats


Winter is a hard season. People prepare for blizzards, winter storms and snowfalls.  A hat is a Godsend.  And when you are woman a winter hat for women is a must.  Women winter hats are worn for many reasons; protecting your hair, keeping your ears warm and also protecting your head.  Check out the various types of hats below.

  1.  Women’s Betmar Rhinestone Cap 2 True Red:  It is a warm cap that has a rhinestone on its side. It comes in two clients.
  2. Turtle Fur Mr. Happy Hat:  It is made of “wool ragg” outside and the inside is lined with polyester.  Keeps you very warm in the winter months.  Comes in greys.
  3. Six -way Big Brim Hat: It is made out of wool and has a large brim which blocks out the cold.
  4. Wool Fashion Beret:  100% made of wool and worn in cold weather. A versatile piece of outwear.
  5. Furtzrane Faux Fur Winter Mongolian Women Hat Pompom Cossock for ladies:  It has fleece on the inside and faux fur on the outside. But note it is for formal occasions like dinner or business events.
  6. Bomber Hat:  If it is below 20 degrees (-20) this hat is great.  If you are going to be in a blizzard like condition or in the bad winter storm this hat is the one to wear.   The look of the hat is a hat with fur trim and ear flaps. All different types of styles. It also has a face mask to cover your nose.
  7. Stormy Kromer Women’s Gatsby Hat:  It is made of lighter weight wool and a newsboy style hat.


Here are some tips on picking out a winter hats for women for yourself and family.  When going to the store, make sure your hair is how you normally wear it. Dress comfortable and in comfortable shoes.  Always try your winter coat on with a sweater right? Always try your hat on with the highest hair do you wear or in the same style you wear it normally.  Remember think of the type of weather you have in the area you live in and then price the hats out. Check to see if there are any sales or coupons on at the moment.

A good rule of thumb is to always buy a hat that is the same as the one you owned last year.  Then buy a hat that is one that you would wear to a business event or formal dinner. Then buy a hat that is a fun hat but one you can wear every day whether to work or not.    So let’s go over how the hats might look on you.  I will pick a couple.

The first is the Six-way Big Brim hat.  You have seen the movie Devil Wears Prada- that is the hat that the main character played by Anne Hathaway wears.  It is a black hat that kind of slopes. This hat is a good buy and a good wear if you like it.   The second hat is the Women’s Betmar Rhinestone Cap 2 True Red.  You can probable see this in your older movies on television.  I have honestly never seen anyone wear this particular hat but you would be the next trendsetter. Jewels are always in and a ruby well, that is one of the better jewels to wear on your person.

The third hat is the wool fashion beret is always in fashion. Think of the movie with Val Kilmer and his girlfriend who was a foreign woman I think her name is Lucy who wore the beret. The name of the movie is Top Secret.   And the last hat is Turtle Fur Mr. Happy Hat which is a pull over hat that can be worn anywhere and you probably see throughout the year.

In conclusion I have listed 8 Women’s hats for you to consider purchasing in time for winter this year. The season to start shopping is around the corner. So start looking and pricing. Hope you have a great summer.

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