Eyelash Extensions: Essential Information for You To Be Aware Of


There are numerous glam girls just like you who fancy of eyelash extensions which happen to be one of the most popular trends right now. However, it is imperative to realize that obtaining top quality lash extensions is not an easy and fast process. Below we have provided some essential information which you must be aware of especially if you happen to be a beginner fashionista enthusiastic about getting eyelash extensions:

  1. It is a fact that not every lash is created the same. Previously there used to be only one type of false eyelash kit which was 100% synthetic. These days, as many as 3 different types of eyelash extensions namely silk, synthetic, as well as mink are available on the market. These fake lashes vary in length from 6 mm to 17 mm.
  2. You will find a variety of looks and designs. In case you would like a more natural appearance, individual eyelashes are available that can be put on your lash line for strengthening the volume of the lashes. You’ll also find full-length lash extensions which will provide you with a bolder appearance and these can be attached at both edges of the eyelid so that they’re able to cover your lashes. There are also personalized types of false lashes out there including accents, winged, extra-thick, and even glitter in case you prefer to go for a more spectacular appearance.
  3. It will take a while. In case you would like to add lash extensions to your appearance, it is imperative to set aside a minimum of two hours for applying the entire set. A fraction of that time will be required for a half set of eyelash extensions which could be quite affordable for all those looking for a dramatic effect while sacrificing the natural look. In case you just want a touch-up, you should visit the lash beauty salon at regular intervals for that identical period of time (approximately a couple of hours).
  4. It could prove to be somewhat annoying. Be prepared for the discomfort caused by the application procedure which might include burning from adhesive drops falling on your epidermis or even pulling the falsies away from your natural eyelashes which can be harmful to the eyes.

According to one recent study, there exists a link between an incorrect application of false lash extensions and an array of eye conditions such as allergic reactions, persistent inflammation, and redness.
Individuals who are getting the eyelashes applied are often known to become stressed while needing a break along the way or even dropping some tears.

  1. You might need to fine-tune them. Once the lash extensions have been applied successfully, it is advisable to go on making minor modifications to the eyelashes like applying eyelash enhancers for a bolder appearance. For fake glam lashes employed by a lash extension professional, ensure to make some follow-up appointments for each and every full set of falsies received by you.
  2. Removal is actually a technique of its own. You might require as much as half an hour for removing your lash extensions. And unless proper care is taken, it might be slightly distressing and even harmful to your natural eyelashes. In case you happen to be a newbie, visiting a lash professional to understand the correct removal method will be a smart idea. Or else your own natural eyelashes will be at risk of getting harmed.
  3. They happen to be quite resilient. With the exception of the 12 to 24 hour period immediately after implementing them, false lash extensions tend to be quite resilient. At that time, you should avoid taking bath with them on since the adhesive’s strength might be damaged thus making them fall off too soon. Nevertheless, it is possible to take bath, swim, and also perform your daily routines after that particular time period.


One Two Lashes: The FINEST Lash Extensions for Every Glam Girl

Your fashion can be enhanced significantly by including lash extensions to your appearance even though they aren’t genuine! But not every fake lash is created the same. One Two Lashes which are manufactured by One Two Cosmetics happen to be the FINEST eyelash extensions out there since it will help you to avoid any potential issue that might have resulted from implementing, maintaining, or even getting rid of the traditional false lashes.

One Two Cosmetics has made use of a unique micro-magnetic technology for manufacturing these One Two Lashes which can be applied in just a few seconds without any sort of discomfort at all! Here is how easy and simple it is to apply One Two Lashes:

The Method of Applying One Two Lashes:

  1. After taking out the top eyelash from the package (one without any red dot) hold it on top of your eye’s top lash line.
  2. Line up the corners of the One Two Lash along with the corners of the natural lash line of your eyes and place the lash down.
  3. Following this, take out the bottom eyelash from the package (one having the red dot).
  4. After picking it up, line up the corners of the bottom One Two Lash along with the bottom edges of the natural lash line of your eye. Subsequently, the micromagnets are going to meet with each other and your own lashes will be sandwiched in between the One Two Lashes.
  5. Next, you need to secure your One Two Lashes’ position by blinking several times.


Removing the One Two Lashes is even simpler!

Carefully slide the One Two Lashes clear of one another by using the soft pads of your thumb and index finger.

You will find One Two Lash sets in as many as 3 distinct styles which will provide you with a bold eyelash look!

  1. Original Lash. The Original One Two Lash, which is designed to make your eyes lively with a beautiful, long, as well as thicker appearance, is perfect for day-to-day wear and also a quick changeover from daytime to nighttime.
  2. Bold Eyelash. Any ultra-glam girl who is all set to make a bold statement is going to find The Bold One Two Lash perfect for her.
  3. Accent Lash. Get hold of the Accent One Two Lash in case you would like something which is discreetly flirty. This fake eyelash set consists of lashes which curl up only a bit at the corners of your eyes providing you with a more attractive and mystical appearance.

It can be rightly asserted that these One Two Lashes are superior to most of the other false lashes available on the market. In fact, there is no need of any sharp equipment, any eyelash professional and any pulling or pinching with One Two Lashes and the good thing is that they can be applied right away. Therefore, you must not wait any further. Take your eyelash appearance one stage further by getting hold of One Two Lash from One Two Cosmetics!

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