How to Find a Plus Size Bikini for All Body Types


Swimsuit choices for curvy women are increasing by the day. However, there are still some full-figured women who find it difficult to search for the right swimwear for their body type. Well, finding the right plus size bikini or one piece can become really easy if you keep a few factors in mind about which we shall learn right away.

The first and the most important thing that a woman needs to consider while looking for a swimsuit is the kind of support that it offers. If the suit comes with a built-in bra then it will offer you far better support than what a shelf bra can, and the best choice for you will be the one that has standard bra measurements.

You certainly will have your clothing in a larger size than usual, but that does not mean the same plus size bikini will fit well or look good on all plus sized ladies. Every woman has their own different body shape like apple, pear, and so on. While selecting your swimsuit you must remember that even though a suit may come in your size, its color, print, or fit may not be right for you.

The next thing you need to give importance to is your own fashion style, comfort, and your self-confidence. Some curvy ladies will love to flaunt a plus size bikini, while others may prefer a one piece only. As far as a two-piece is concerned, a bikini is not your only choice, you may go for a tankini as well. This gives you the scope to buy separate top and bottoms, so you can mix and match until you find something that looks good, and that you will be comfortable wearing.

A one-piece suit will offer you more support compared to a tankini, but a tankini lets you move more freely. You can also opt for tank tops that offer more coverage and have sturdy straps. You can just get anything, as long as you are comfortable and it looks good, it is perfect.

plus size bikini

Now, let us discover some tips that will help you buy the right swimsuit for your body type:

Pear shape or triangular shape

If you are a pear shape plus-sized beauty with large hips, thighs, and legs, and small bust and shoulder then you need to opt for swimsuits that draw attention upwards. You can highlight your upper body by opting for a bright colored top and balance it by selecting solid, dark colored bottoms. You can opt for a swimwear that helps you flaunt your attractive features like a halter top that accentuates your nice shoulders. The best choices for you are tankini sets, skirtinis, or a bright colored one piece.

Hourglass shape

Women with large hips and chests but a smaller waist are really fortunate. However, if you have any problem areas, you can opt for a swimsuit that helps draw attention towards your best features and hides those problem areas. If, for example, you have a slim waist, accentuate this part. All types of swimsuits are a perfect choice for you.

Apple shape or inverted triangle

If you have an apple shaped body with larger chests, wider shoulders or stomach and narrow hips and waist, then you need to wear something that draws attention downwards. Select bright colored prints and tummy-trimming swimwear. Also, make sure the swimwear you select has wide straps and underwired bra or offers proper bust support. The styles you can opt for include all-over printed swimsuit or swim dresses.

Rectangular shape

The women with this kind of shape have equal proportions right form their shoulders to their hips, and thus you must select a swimsuit that helps create a waistline. Belted waist swimwear will help you get such results. Your best choices are optical illusion prints, V-necks, or blouson.

Round shape

Usually, women with this shape have a round waist and full hips and shoulders. If you want your suit to create a slender effect, then look for pieces that make your waist look slimmer. Go for surplice or shirred styles that have bold colors and patterns on the top and solid, dark colors on the bottom. Your best options are a baby-doll swimsuit, blouson, and pieces that help make your waist look slimmer.


Remember, just getting the most attractive swimsuit is not enough, you must also be able to carry it with confidence. Some women can carry any suit with utmost confidence, not worrying about their body shape at all, but everyone is not the same. So get a plus size bikini or any other swimsuit that looks good on you and also that you are most comfortable in. After all, together with looking attractive, you also want to have a whole lot of fun.

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