Home Alone: Video proves Kevin's booby traps would kill you in real life


The climactic Home Alone showdown between eight-year-old kid Kevin McCallister and the pair of robbers attempting to burgle his house are some of the funniest scenes ever committed to film.

However, the dark reality is that if those characters had faced Kevin’s booby traps – deployed to keep the robbers out – in real life, they would have likely died.

So suggests a brand new video from Jake Roper who sifted through each of Kevin’s traps to discern how Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) would have fared in real life.

Titled ‘Could you survive Home Alone,’ Roper’s experiments prove that a paint can to the face would probably break your neck, heating up a doorknob with an electric barbecue lighter would likely see the door catching fire and a crowbar to the chest would break skin, seven ribs and punctured internal organs including lungs and heart.

The fact that they’re taken away in a police car is perhaps the most unrealistic outcome in cinema history – but considering its a stone-cold classic, we’ll forgive it.

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