I Wanted Fake Eyelashes and This is What Happened


Just thinking about the concept of fake eyelashes makes me cringe, because all I imagine is sticky (and probably toxic) glue getting into my eyes, or pulling out my real lashes. I’ll admit, I really do want thicker, stronger, and longer looking lashes, but at this point in my life at 27 years old, I’m not willing to sacrifice my health for better looks. But still … I wanted to find a way to get the glamorous eyes I’d always wanted. I figured, “Why not look like a Hollywood glamor girl? I’m worth it!”

I considered going to a professional lash salon to get a set of eyelash extensions applied, but after looking at the price tag I was a little worried. I mean, who has the time, and energy to re-visit the lash salon up to twice a month just to keep them looking full? Even though I was skeptical, I gave it a shot anyway. Because, like I said … I wanted legendary sexy, dramatic Hollywood eyes. So, I made an appointment at a posh lash salon, and got a full set of eyelash extensions.

To say the least, I was disappointed. Not only was the application session irritating to sit through, but the aftercare seemed to involve a lot of rubbing, and pulling at the extensions, which (to be honest) hurt my eyes. And when it was all said, and done, when I removed the extensions my real lashes were worse than ever with sparse areas that clearly suffered from extra breakage, and lash loss.

The World’s First Magnetic Lashes:

One Two Lash developed by One Two Cosmetics

The solution to my thin lashes was One Two Lash developed by One Two Cosmetics. The company holds an exclusive patent to what’s called, “micro-magnetic technology” which basically means that you cannot get these types of lashes anywhere else than One Two Cosmetics. Available online, One Two Lashes work without the use of smelly toxic glue, and simply sandwich your natural lashes between two lightweight strips of faux eyelash strips. The unique design really makes applying fake eyelashes effortless. I never thought that natural looking thick, and luxurious lashes could be so easy until I got the One Two Lash set developed exclusively by One Two Cosmetics!

Here’s how these patented magnetic eyelashes work.

To apply One Two Lashes by One Two Cosmetics:

  • Remove the top lash from the box (the one without the red dot), and hold it just above the top lash line of your eye.
  • Align the corner edges of the One Two Lash with the edges of your eye’s natural lash line, and set the lash down.
  • As the top One Two Lash rests on your natural lashes, remove the bottom lash from the One Two Lash box (the one with the red dot).
  • Pick it up, and align the edges of the bottom One Two Lash with the bottom corners of your natural lash line. Then the micro-magnets will meet together, sandwiching your natural lashes.
  • You may need to blink a few times to secure the position of your One Two Lashes.


Removal of One Two Lashes from One Two Cosmetics is even easier.

  • Simply take the soft pads of your index finger and thumb, and gently slide the One Two Lashes away from each other.

When I realized how easily, and fast One Two Lashes by One Two Cosmetics could be applied, I knew that they would be this glam gals new best friend!

Other Lashes Versus One Two Lashes from One Two Cosmetics

When comparing conventional fake eyelashes to the type of false lash extensions you can get at expensive lash salons, there is a BIG difference. First off, the low quality of store-bought lash ingredients are well known to cause eye irritation.1 And the synthetic materials really give your eyes a cheap “false lash” look. While professionally applied lashes look more like mink (with a softer natural appeal), the synthetic store-bought versions don’t really cut it when it comes to looking realistic.

The bottom line is this: the exclusive micro-magnetic technology of One Two Lashes from One Two Cosmetics is the ONLY pain-free way to pump up the volume on your lashes. Take the set anywhere you go, and get the glam lash look you’ve always wanted without the use of sticky glue, or painful sessions with a lash specialists. And there’s no upkeep, too. It’s as easy as One Two Lash!

Every One Two Lash set from One Two Cosmetics can be cleaned with One Two Wash Lash Cleanser, and reapplied any time you want to amp up your look. You can wear One Two Lashes with any outfit from a cotton t-shirt dress, to a high fashion sequin bodysuit. There’s nothing these glam lashes don’t go with! They’re the most fabulous falsies a girl could ask for so, thanks One Two Cosmetics for developing One Two Lashes!


Amano Y, Sugimoto Y. Ocular disorders due to eyelash extensions. Cornea. 2012 Feb;31(2):121-5.

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