Indosat, Tri outbid rivals for spectrum  


Hutchison 3 Indonesia (Tri) vice president director Danny Buldansyah welcomed the decision, adding that with it, his company would be able to optimize Tri’s mobile broadband servฌice.

“With the additional spectrum, we will optimise our existing BTS. In cerฌtain areas, we can directly serve our customers with 4G, while in other areas, we can serve our customers with 3G,”  said Buldansyah.

The ministry said the 2.1 GHz freฌquency auction was attended by three participants  Indosat, Hutchison 3 Indonesia and XL Axiata. Buldansyah expressed the hope that the government would open another tender to support efficiency in the telecommunication industry because of the increasing demand.

After winning the auction, Tri currently has a total capacity of 25 MHz  10 MHz in 1,800 MHz freฌquency and 15 MHz in 2.1 GHz frequency.