Late King’s life of service shines with help of AR technology


Two types of the special pamphlets will be made available for the Royal Cremation.

The first pamphlet features an account on the life’s work of the beloved King and his royal duties. It is in Thai and English, with some 10 million copies of the Thai version to be distributed and 100,000 of the English-language ones, on October 26.

The second pamphlet focuses on the Royal Cremation of the beloved King and detail the elaborately constructed and decorated Royal Crematorium. Some 10 million copies of the Thai-language pamphlet will be distributed to people visiting the Royal Crematorium in November. 

Both pamphlets come with AR technology that allows people to see 3D content pop up over the paper pamphlet instantly through their smartphones and tablets. To watch the 3D content with AR technology, people need to download ARZIO app on their devices first. 

Apichai Ruangsiripiyakul, chief executive officer of OS Corporation, an owner of the ARZIO platform, said that all content was put in one place on the pamphlets via AR technology in order for people to access more content than would be possible just on paper. Apichai led the team in developing the AR technology for the pamphlets.

 “It is my highest honour to be a part of the project that developed AR technology for the pamphlets of the Royal Cremation for His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej,” said Apichai.

He and his team of four dedicated a month of their time to the project.

The challenge is to develop more AR content for all kinds of smartphones, Apichai said.

With AR technology, people can instantly watch 3D and video content of the late King’s history and royal duties and the elaborately constructed and decorated Royal Crematorium. This content will last forever, enabling people to keep it on their smartphones.

While the pamphlets will initially be available in limited numbers, from tomorrow people will be able to download the original file in PDF format for printing.