Radar detector the best alert tool


Radar detectors are a new technological device being used by the person driving a motor vehicle to detect if their speed is being monitored by any law enforcement authorities with the help of a radar gun. Radar detectors are being used by the car owners such that reduce the car speed before they are being caught by the person monitoring and they may get penalized for the same.

Best radar detector

Since the advancement of technology, the Authorities using radar guns to catch the over speeding person or other person have also started using different technologies to get them caught like those of red light cameras, Photo radar and sometimes also speed cameras which are more common in use by the law enforcement bodies and police authorities. Based on these new techniques used by the police to detect the radars a test was performed and the best radar detectors that were found today are as described below.

Escort RedlineXR

Escort RedlineXR was found to be finest of all the six radars that were among the best radar detectors due to its stunning radar range and simple control and its ability to alert the user efficiently and in a better way and have the least rate of false alarms. This radar detector can detect the radar from as far as 15 miles away under the natural condition and gives an alarm at 5 miles. This ability to detect from a larger distance is due to its advanced technology components used for radar detection and design of using them such as it has a dual antenna and both of them are designed in a way facing forward. It is user-friendly in operation and due to all of its features, it tops the chart of being the best detector.

Escort Passport9500ci

Second one in the chart of best detector being Escort Passport9500ci is being preferred by drivers who does not want to advertise or inform others that they are having a radar detector. This has the feature of superb radar range and has also the ability to alert as soon as they spot any red light camera and also provide with a standard laser jammers and provides with less number of false alarms as compare to the other down the list. It is portable which makes its to be used.

BEL Pro 500

BEL Pro 500 another one of the best radar detector ranking third in the line of the best radar detector. This radar has superior radar range and also few false alarms and have red light camera alerts and have the advantage of online firmware updates making it be updated to the latest version. It is thinner than the above version and its speaker is on top. it also provides with the resistance to false alarms and provides with best protection against red light with its superb detection range making it to be the best one among the GPS-enabled radar detectors.

BEL S Ti-R Plus

BEL S Ti-R Plus is third down the list in the best Radar detectors with red LED Display and has superb radar range and red light Camera alerts it is low priced as it does not have laser shifter jammers and they are available separately. They are invisible to stellar radar detector used by the law enforcement authorities to detect illegal radar detectors. It has a front radar antenna and has the ability of warns of red light cameras and powered auxiliary speakers.

Escort passport 8500ci plus

Escort passport 8500ci plus has a stellar range of radar detection and has simple controls with its alert system being very efficient and minimal false alarms it has GPS which protect red light and speed cameras which gives its ability to avoid nuisance signals and this reduces false alarms. This radar antenna mounts in the grille area linked to an interface box under the dash and a thumb size control display which makes it convenient to operate.

Escort Passport X70

Escort Passport X70 being among the list at number four and has a long radar range and has USB Port for online updates and superior audible alerts and the has OLED Technology which it works on which has advantages over the LED. It has disadvantages as well as its display and its balky controls. It is very difficult to view in sunny conditions.

Final thought

There are radars which are GPS enable and some are non GPS enabled whereas those with GPS are considered to be more effective with the best hope for providing red light and speed cameras helping to find the current location of the driver and based on that it alerts the driver of possible camera.


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