7 Tips for LSAT Success


LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. This test determines those who will be admitted in high/top-tier or prestigious law school. This test does not only test what you learned. It is not like standardized examination. The exam is perfectly designed to measure and project student’s ability to excel and analyze complex matters in law school. This test is very different from tests that are mostly done in high school or college. This test requires you to have understood its format and questions that will be asked by the examiner.

This test is divided into 5 sections namely; reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, analytical section and 2 logical reasoning. Of course you can’t score on the writing section but is offered to each law school. The rest of the sections are 35 minutes long with 24-28 questions. As we have seen, there are 2 logical reasoning sections. These sections carry the most weight. They are half the total score and final score. These sections test your capability and capacity to criticize and analyze complex issues or arguments presented to you. LSAT is actually the best and most accurate measure of the ability and capacity to perform in law school. In the application process, this section is given a significant amount of weight. In this article, we will discuss 7 tips to LSAT Success

1.It is a marathon and not a sprint 

Most of the time, law students and those who’re aspiring to become law students will ignore the fact that LSAT preps should be done pretty earlier in advance so as to avoid cramming at the last minute. If you’re an aspiring law student, you need to always be prepared at all times. You can do this by practicing a different section each day. You should keep your minds ready at all times even though you should never overwork your brain.

2. Study alone and gain knowledge

The worst mistake you can make is to study with a friend. The best thing is to study and do your research alone. The aim of this exam is to expose your strength and weaknesses. This is different with standardized exam. According to most questions done by different law students, what is difficult to one student may be an easy ride to another student. Personal analysis capabilities will show exactly what you’re capable of and what you’re not. This is the importance of doing it by yourself.

3. Practice and analyze

It is always good to put theory into practical shape. On the LSAT, you will meet different types of questions that your different approach. To be on the safe side, it is good to study and analyze due to nature of some questions. If you want to excel, you need no not only tabulate your results but also dig deep and find out what made you arrive at the wrong answer.

4. Sharpening your critical thinking 

Critical thinking is vita if you want to excel in LSAT. LSAT will never test what you learned in high school or college. It tests your grasp and understanding of concepts. You need to gather enough knowledge that will help you excel in LSAT. Those who rely on what they acquired in high school or college end up failing.

5. Play games before doing the test

There is a logical game section and you need to pass the section as well. It is advisable to play games first before doing LSAT test. 4games in the game section has 5-7 questions each that requires a student to have understood complex hypothetical relationships between objects and multiple parties.

6. Answering everything

The mistake that most students make is to answer some questions and leave some. Of course there is no penalty for writing or giving an incorrect answer. It is always good to give an educated guess to those questions that you’re not sure of answers. It is good to answer as many questions as possible so as to increase your scores.

7. Start with the easiest questions

Many students make a mistake of starting with hard questions. It is wise to find the easy questions and start with them. You will be able to do a lot of questions in less amount of time. In any exam/test be it LSAT or any other, it is always good to start by doing the easiest questions.

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