Sites, apps give information on Royal Cremation


The websites are, and The website provides information to all people who want to gain a better understanding of the ceremonies as well as access practical information related to the late King’s cremation arrangements.

The website collects information and states activities about the Royal Cremation, such as waiting stops, emergency areas and transport services, as well as details about the Royal Crematorium and the replicas of the Royal Crematorium being placed across the country.

More than 100 organisations – from across the government and private sectors – are also providing information on the Royal Cremation, such as announcements relating to the live broadcast of the ceremonies, as well as public transport arrangements.

Some 85 replicas of the Royal Crematorium are being placed nationwide and mourners will be able to make offerings of sandalwood flowers to the beloved monarch.

The website content is also available in English. Those who want to provide updated information on the site can call 1441 (for free) and @hotline1441.

For those who want to pay their respects to the late King, they can select one of nine pictures of the late monarch and add their names for blessings, via

The is an official website designed to help volunteers access official information related to the Royal Cremation.

For users of mobile devices, the Zon application was developed by Radius with the aim of providing information to those wishing to participate in the Royal Cremation ceremonies.

Nostra Map, run by Globetech, is another mobile application that provides information about the main locations, traffic arrangements and the location of shuttle bus stops for people viewing the ceremonies.