Sponsored Volunteer Programs For Nurses


For those seeking to volunteer for nursing opportunities abroad, or wanting to do medical volunteering of any kind, sponsored volunteering programs can be the ideal way to do this.  Sponsored volunteering programs will usually cover the expenses for living arrangements, food and other necessities for nurses while they’re volunteering.  Some organizations even cover the cost of travel.

While there are a few organizations that do cover 100% of the costs, others may just sponsor a percentage.  These organizations sponsor either all or some of the costs of volunteering:

Doctors Without Borders

Founded in the early 1970’s by a group of French doctors and journalists, Doctors Without Borders has grown swiftly and now aids people in more than 60 countries who are suffering from differing medical issues.  Doctors don’t compose the entirety of the volunteers however and the organization says that on any given day as many as 27,000 doctors, others doing medical volunteering, nurses, sanitation experts, ad epidemiologists and mental health professionals from a diverse group of nationalities are providing aid around the globe.  The organization prides itself on its ethics, its neutrality in armed conflicts, and its fierce independence from any political, military, or religious influence.  The organization also takes great care with its financial transparency and 90 percent of the funding for this work comes from private non-government sources.

Currently, the organization has a need for Anesthesiologists, HIV and Tuberculosis Specialists, Nurse-Midwives, Obstetricians, and Pharmacists ad is also urgently for fluent French speakers to help in Africa.  There is plenty of use for nurses looking for nursing opportunities abroad.

If you are interested i volunteering for field work, you must have at least two years of relevant work experience and the willingness to work for at least 9-12 months.  French speakers, experienced travelers, and experienced supervisors are also encouraged to apply.  For those concerned about compensation, Doctors Without Borders provides their field staff with a modest monthly salary, comprehensive benefits, and room and board amongst other things.

The Peace Corps

Since its creation in 1961, the Peace Corps has become one of the biggest and most recognized volunteer organizations, providing aid ad relief to developing countries and their citizens.  The organization presently has more than 8,000 volunteers ad trainees serving 76 countries on nearly every continent.  These volunteers supply aid in everything from educate, to health, to economic development and their work is essential to the health and economic growth of the countries and people they serve.

The Corps is an independent agency working within the executive branch of the government.  The agency is funded by the Congressional budged and appropriates process ad is included in the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations bill.  Almost two-thirds of the volunteers are female and the average age of volunteers is 28, although seven percent of volunteers are over 50 years of age.  If you are looking for nursing opportunities abroad, or want to do medical volunteering, and are considering signing up, you should have a bachelor’s degree, as 90 percent of the positions offered by the group require a bachelor’s degree and the ten percent that don’t require degrees do require 3-5 years of full-time work experience in related fields.

Flexibility, demonstrated language skills, and leadership ability and skills are also traits that the Peace Corps is looking for in its volunteers.  Also, volunteers must be U.S. citizens, they must be 18 years or older, and they must be willing to commit to 27 months of service.  Those that do sign up are given one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of their life.


MEDICO stands for Medical, Eye, and Dental International Health Care Organization and it is a 20 year old nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive health care to Central American countries — primarily Honduras and Nicaragua — and their citizens.  The organization’s primary method of service is week long mission trips comprised of less than 16-25 medical professionals seeking to do medical volunteering,  but the group also started more long term special projects that include clean water initiatives, sponsoring patients so they can travel to the U.S. for surgical needs, and a dental fluoride treatment program.

The organization is not limited to physicians and surgeons, however, it also welcomes dentists, nurse practitioners looking for nursing opportunities abroad, optometrists, pharmacists, and health educators, permitting the the small mission teams to supply comprehensive care to the people in need as they usually work with more than 2,000 patients over four or five days.