Top 7 Best Home Security Systems


Whether you’re away for 15 minutes or even 2 weeks, you should always know that your family and all valuables are safe back home. If you’ve installed one of the best home security systems, it will notify you when things happen at your home, such as when children come home. It might also protect your home from risks of fire, flood, natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks, which pose real threats to the health of your family.

The best home security systems will also protect against the terrifying and insidious dangers of break-ins by criminals. The very idea of an intruder creeping through your house and pawing through your possessions is enough to make one to feel violated. If you’re at home at the time, then risk is much higher.



Taking concrete steps so as to protect your home can go a long way towards making your family to feel secure and comfortable at home. As a matter of fact, installing the best security system for your overall needs will offer peace of mind to your whole family. If you’re looking for the best home security system then look no further because we have you covered. Here are top 7 best home security systems:

1. Best for Recognizability and Professional Installation: ADT

ADT is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in home security. The brand name itself on a sign outside your home will make any intruders to think twice. ADT excels in home automation and it offers all the technology that you need so as to turn your own home into a fortress. ADT even provides hard-to-find medical alerts protection. It also has 6 in-house monitoring centers, which is more than any of the other top companies. However, it’s important to note that ADT is not the best home security choice for people who are on a budget: There isn’t any pricing information provided online, and all the equipment used must be paid for upfront. The most popular home security seems primed to grow larger over the next few years.

2. Best for Overall Reputation and Customization: Frontpoint

Frontpoint leads the industry in customer satisfaction and flexibility. Instead of requiring professional installation, multi-year contracts and consultation, Frontpoint allows people to design their own system from scratch: you’ll be able to choose sensors, contract terms and a monitoring package as you see fit. However, the large upfront equipment cost are a drawback when compared to other brands like Protect America or even Vivint, who usually front equipment in an exchange for long contract terms. Nonetheless, if you can still afford it, you will likely be satisfied with Frontpoint. As a matter of fact, most customers say that they would recommend it to their friends.

3. Best Technology and Mobile App: Vivint

Vivint is an industry leader in terms of innovation and technology. The mobile application, which you would possibly y use daily, blows away any other company on this. Vivint Sky shall notify you if the door wasn’t locked when you left your house. The downside with this home security system has always been 2-fold: It is more expensive as compared to the rest of the industry and it also sports a spotty customer care reputation. The longer contract length is yet another negative. However, if you are choosing Vivint, you need to be all-in anyway. You’ll get what you will pay for in terms of functionality and equipment. In addition, there are positive signs of the company turning around their poor customer experience.

4. Best for Low Up-front Cost and Initial Phone Call: Protect America

Protect America is one of the cheapest systems to get up and run among the big-name security companies. However, that will only happen if you go the landline route at $20 per month for monitoring. Also, it doesn’t have any up-front costs at all —installation and activation are free, and so is their equipment. Protect America shall lock you into their 36-month contract, with only a 14-days return policy, and the pay-in-full policy sin case you decide to cancel it afterwards. The company gets a special callout for having a great initial phone call which was helpful, informative and clear.

5. Best for Customer Service and Businesses: Protection 1

After being within the business for more than 25 years as its own entity, Protection 1 shall be merged under ADT brand, following the ADT’s acquisition by Apollo, Protection 1’s parent company. What this actually means is still up in the air. Nonetheless, Protection 1 has a good reputation in the business and home security spaces. A phone call will be efficient whenever you call them. The company also has a relatively long history of good customer service. However, it’s important to note that the website is not very transparent and getting information about cost and different packages is quite difficult compared to other home security companies.

6. Best for Flexibility and Easiest Barrier to Entry: Simplisafe

SimpliSafe normally offers contract-free packages on the DIY systems that are quite easy to use and also install. Furthermore, you can upgrade to the professional monitoring package for $15/month. You can also try it for sixty (60) days and return it back for a full refund in case you don’t like it. SimpliSafe doesn’t have home automation technology and the higher-end surveillance camera. Nonetheless, a good selection of intrusion coupled with environmental sensors usually covers the basics. 

7. Best for All-Around Value: Link Interactive

Link Interactive is not as widely known system as some of the top picks. However, it is certainly one home security system to keep an eye on. Link Interactive offers monthly cellular-monitoring packages, energy management and home automation at just $35/month. For an extra $5/month, you will get video monitoring. Link Interactive forms part of Mountain Alarm; a company that has been in the business for more than 60 years and has a good reputation. Link Interactive continues to push ADT, Vivint and Frontpoint in terms of flexibility, home automation and pricing, which will only help in improving an already competitive industry.


When choosing home security systems, you should keep in mind all the needs of your family and house. An effective home security system will protect everything that you treasure, help you feel safe and offer the peace of mind. Stronger support features and an effortless interaction with the company are surefire ways to aid you feel a great sense of security at home or even when you’re away.

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