TruVision Reviews – The Truth About TruVision Products


TruVision is a health supplement organization that keeps a lot of information private, as they tend to focus on the business part of it. Other companies like it do the same. There are numerous products that they offer, items intended to remove free radicals, maintain joints, and enhance cardiovascular health. They also have a bunch of supplements meant to help strengthen your blood chemistry (truFIX) and to enhance sleep (truSLUMBER) They also have a supplement called ‘true weight and true energy that they claim will help you lose weight. With all of these products, we deemed it important to do a provide a review. 

In their letter dated September 2015, the FDA warned about this supplement which contains a stimulant drug that is almost like ephedrine. A supplement that is under investigation by the FDA does not build trust among the public. Although the supplement, DMBA, is almost like the ephedrine in structure, having in mind that it was banned for its dangers, it never harmed even a single person among the millions that used it. People argue that the FDA is quick to ban some supplements but tolerate harmful substances like alcohol and cigarettes. However, TruVision took this into account and made changes to their products 

Although Tru Weight and Energy supplements contain DMAA that is deemed safe for consumption, a proper review, to add to other TruVision reviews is necessary. We will look at other products of TruVision such as their weight loss combination composed of truFIX and truCONTROL.  

TruFIX Claims  

TruFIX uses an absurd that promises to improve your blood chemistry. It also asserts that it will improve the health of your liver, regulate your blood sugar levels as well as keep your cholesterol in check. Let’s take a look at its active ingredients which are raspberry ketones, copper, magnesium, cinnulin, chromium, and alpha lipoic acid.  

Cinnulin. This is a cinnamon extract. It has the benefits of improving glucose in the body, therefore, preventing blood sugar. It also improves blood pressure. Studies also show that it may have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.  

Magnesium. It is beneficial to those that have magnesium deficiency. It lowers glucose levels and blood pressure levels. It is particularly helpful to those who have high glucose levels.  

Chromium. This mineral is contained in most foods that we eat like oatmeal, broccoli, fish, herbs, cheese, eggs and meat. It is essential for proper body functions.   

Raspberry Ketones. A few years back, it was claimed that raspberry ketones would help in weight loss. Evidence proved that high doses of raspberry ketones would aid in weight reduction. Also, the company claims that it may keep off plaque accumulation in the walls of the arteries.  

Copper. Copper is an excellent anti-oxidant. It is however found in high quantities in the foods that we consume.  

Results of TruFix 

Tru Fix seems to do precisely what it claims, and there is proof. None of these ingredients cause any harm. All in all, this product has ingredients that have the effects they say it has.  TruVision Review

TruCONTROL Claims  

TruControl is the main ingredient in this pack. It helps improve metabolism and fat loss. It aids in weight reduction by suppressing appetite. The components that are active in it include green tea extracts, cocoa powder, yohimbine, and caffeine. Let’s look into their effectiveness.  

Yohimbine: Helps to burn fats in all individuals. It scales up adrenaline levels which makes it work quite well.  

Cocoa Powder: It does not help to burn fat, and neither will it boost your metabolism. It is, however, most advantageous to people that have high blood pressure for it lowers blood pressure.  

Green Tea Extracts: It improves fat oxidation and increases metabolism. It is useful, especially, to those that do not regularly take caffeine.  


There are many TruVision products and TruVision reviews available. We hope that this one will be particularly useful. What we’ve concluded is that TruVision claims seem to be true. It’s clear that when they say they have all-natural ingredients, they mean it. These products can aid in helping digestive issues, decrease appetite, increase energy, and aid in weight loss.


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