Vegan White Russian



Welcome to cocktail week! Since Christmas is just one week away, I thought it would be fun to share classic cocktail recipes for your holiday parties.

We’re kicking off with White Russians, which are usually made with cream or milk. I’m not a big milk drinker, so I replaced it with thick cashew milk. It’s creamy, dreamy and ultra delicious.

White Russian ingredients (cashews, Kahlua and vodka)

Cashew milk is relatively neutral in flavor, so it’s a great stand-in for dairy milk. I love that I don’t have to strain it like almond milk (no waste here). I first tried making vegan White Russians with light coconut milk, but when coconut milk hits ice cubes, it tends to form small lumps. Not a problem with cashew milk!

Keep in mind that I recommend soaking the cashews for a few hours in advance, unless you’re using very fresh cashews in a high-speed blender like a Vitamix. In addition to cashew milk, you’ll simply need vodka (Tito’s is my favorite brand), coffee liqueur (Kahlua) and ice.

I hope this drink makes an appearance at your next holiday get-together. Or, take a break from the holiday hubbub and sip one of these while watching The Big Lebowski. For more cocktail recipes, click here!

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