What Teen Mom 2 Star Janelle Evans Thinks: 310 Shake Reviews


If you’re like Teen Mom 2 Star, Janelle Evans, then you probably have trouble watching what you eat over the festive season, with all the temptation of homely delicacies in huge proportions. However, if you’re on a mission to lose weight, then it doesn’t matter what time of year it is… You simply must stick to a diet. 

In a Facebook post about her mission to getting back on track with weight loss, Janelle pointed to 310 Shakes as the ideal solution to her weight maintenance struggle. And she is not alone in trusting the effectiveness of these shakes. Manufactured by one of the most reputable companies, 310 Nutrition, these shakes have helped countless people to reach and even exceed their weight loss goals. It certainly isn’t a magic potion that melts the fat away, but it does go a long way in helping you shed the extra pounds 

310 Shakes Benefits

Coupled with exercise, there is no telling just how many pounds you will lose when using these shakes. Here are a few reasons why you might want to incorporate 310 Shakes into your diet: 

They’re Effective

Countless 310 shake reviews have been written, and many narrate in great detail just how effective this weight loss formula is. One need not look further than the ingredients of the shake to conclude that it will produce great results. The basic ingredients of the shake are three proteins: hemp, pea and brown rice.  

The fact that the shake is rich in proteins contributes significantly to weight loss. When you are trying to lose weight, you basically want to burn more calories than you consume. It, therefore, follows that you should eat less food in order to achieve this objective. In order to keep hunger at bay, you must ensure that the foods you eat make you full for longer. Proteins are the best in this respect. A protein-filled meal is by far more fulfilling than one that is rich in carbohydrates, and yet it contains very few calories. 

Besides increasing satiety, proteins also contribute to weight loss by increasing the number of calories burnt during energy production. Generally, the body burns more calories when using proteins as a source of energy as opposed to when using carbohydrates. Eating plenty of proteins, therefore, means that you will burn more calories, ultimately leading to significant weight loss. 

Fiber also forms a big portion of 310 meal replacement shakes. Just like proteins, fiber helps improve satiety, which means you are less likely to snack between meals. It also improves digestion and can ease constipation as well as improve bowel movements. 

Moreover, the 310 diet shake also contains a blend of greens. These are healthy plant extracts added to give you all their benefits. Some of the ingredients in this category include grape seed extract, beet juice, pomegranate and dandelion root extract. These help to detoxify your body and also contain natural antioxidants.


One other reason why 310 shake reviews are overwhelmingly positive is that the diet shakes taste great. Contrary to what you would expect of sugar-free diet shakes, these are actually rather delicious. They come in a variety of flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. 

So, if not sugar or artificial sweeteners, you may wonder what makes these shakes so sweet? The answer lies in the combination of top-notch technology and natural sweeteners used in making the products. A serving of the diet shake contains a mere 90 calories, so your calorie consumption will be the least of your worries while you are on this diet. 

 They’re Affordable

Another alluring reason why you should try these shakes is that they come at pocket- friendly prices. Compared to other products of their caliber, these are rather cheap. You can rest assured that you will get full value for your money while using the meal replacement shakes. In any case, just how much money can you equate with your well- being? 


 Janelle Evans is but one of the thousands of people who have plenty of positive things to say regarding 310 shakes. These are tried and tested products that have been shown to help with weight loss. If you have had a hard time trying to lose weight, you should really give these products a chance. They have not disappointed others and you most certainly won’t be the exception.


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